Meet our Team

Caltech Seismo Lab


Egill Hauksson Ph.D

SCSN Manager, Research Professor of Geophysics, Seismological Laboratory


Jennifer Andrews Ph.D

Staff Seismologist

Nick Scheckel

Senior Seismic Analyst

Zackary Newman

Seismic Analyst

 Technical Support

Rayomand (Rayo) Bhadha M.S.

Scientific Support

Claude Felizardo

Technical Support

Michael Black

Technical Support

Christopher Bruton

Research Engineer

Alberto Devora

Technical Support

Andrew Good

Technical Support

Igor Stubailo

Technical Support

Michael Watkins M.S.

Technical Support

 Data Center

Robert Clayton Ph.D

SCEDC Principal Investigator, Professor of Geophysics, Seismological Laboratory

Ellen Yu

SCEDC Manager

Prabha Acharya

Software Developer

Aparna Bhaskaran

Database Analyst

Shang-Lin Chen

Developer, Archivist

Garret Hartman

Software Developer

Sue Kientz

Technical Writer

 Media and Outreach

24-Hour Earthquake Hotline

For Media Only
(626) 449-2631

Caltech Media Relations

General Media Relations Contact
(626) 395-3227

Margaret Vinci

Manager, Office of Earthquake Programs

USGS Staff

Doug Given

Geophysicist, Earthquake Early Warning Manager

Valerie Thomas

SCSN Manager, Geophysicist

Glenn Biasi Ph.D


Gary Gann

IT Specialist

Stephen Guiwits

Technical Support

Stan Schwarz

System Administrator

Clara Yoon Ph.D

Geophysicist, Software Developer

 Field Team

Marcos Alvarez Ph.D

Supervisory Geophysicist, Field Team Lead

Aris Aspiotes

Field Technician

Alex Cadiao

Field Technician

Buck Jones

Field Technician

Scott Lydeen

Field Technician

Joseph Ramsay

Field Technician

Dave Sutton

Field Technician

 USGS Media Relations

Paul C. Laustsen

Public Affairs Specialist
(650) 847-8522